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  1. Toyko

    Counter Strike Global Offensive Status Updates

    We are sorry to say, but we are halting the development of CSGO cheats. As a flood of cheats in that scene, we have no room in the market to release our own cheat for it. We will however continue development once we reach a substantial amount of people who would want to try it out! Currently we...
  2. Toyko

    Use the Search Function!

    Hey, to reduce spam please use the search function and ask/search for help on already existing threads with your same problem. If you still can't find help, then you can post your own thread as everyone is different.
  3. Toyko


    Hey Shaytan community! If you need help with our product, purchasing, or anything else related to us, please visit the Help Center.
  4. Toyko

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and CSGO Coming Soon!

    SHAYTAN for PUBG and CSGO are currently in development! Further notes on the PUBG cheat is that it will be sold publicly with no small re-seller opportunities. You may however message one of the owners if you have a big resale community and would like to possibly become an official re-seller...